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The Speed Date Club is BACK!!

We have NEW events booked for the SUMMER!

Thank you to all our members and daters to sticking through this difficult time. With your support, we have booked events for the summer. Tickets are on sale NOW for our events on June 25th and July 17th!!!

What we do...

We are one of the top Speed Dating solutions in the area. We give you a safe environment to meet new people and hopefully meet that special someone who makes your life complete. Here at the Speed Date Club we set up a comfortable atmosphere with trendy establishments around Connecticut. We provide all of our speed daters the opportunity to have great adult conversations.

Why more people choose us.

Our speed date events are centered around you! Unlike most events other companies hold, we let you control who your interested in. We provide note cards with ice breaker questions that help you find the qualities you looking for. The Speed Date Club and the establishments we hold our events at provide a comfortable setting and a complementary cocktail. We stand out from the rest not only because of all of this but also we let you make the choice through genuine connection rather than some matching making software. 


We are trusted by hundreds of clients with personal information and emails. We do not sell any of our clients information to third party companies.


We take pride in making sure each event is successfully held at proper establishments. Ensuring we are always providing a safe environment.


We pride all the means necessary to have a great event and give you the opportunity to make a long lasting connection.


We always perform our projects with the utmost quality and integrity.


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